Friday, February 11, 2011

Eternal Life

I just thought I'd share something that happened a few days ago. I was thinking
about death and having to face Jesus. I was feeling really scared and wondering
if I'd done enough. All of a sudden, I had an image come into my head of Jesus
standing there with his arms open. Every time I started to tally up my good vs
bad deeds, the image would return. I finally got the message.... He is WAITING
for me to come home. All the good, bad, and ugly will stay here on earth. My
Savior is standing there waiting for me to come home. Jesus already completed
his mission here on earth, now it's my turn. He is here in spirit (Holy Ghost)
helping me through this journey. And when it's over, I'll be with him...period,
end of sentence.

My physical flesh acts like a prison. It keeps me in the shadows where things
sometimes become fuzzy and confused. I am living in the domain of evil. The
lures of the flesh are almost like being tortured. Sometimes we do things that
are wrong before we even catch ourselves or realize that it's wrong.

The Father knew that, and he planned for that, and sent his Son to make a way
for us to be made clean. Jesus went back to heaven, but he left the Holy Spirit
here to act as a guide through the many pitfalls in life. The HS keeps us on
the right track. When life is over, I will shed this flesh and go be with HIM!

What a blessing when God puts peace in our hearts and lets us know that we are
his! I didn't speak in tongues or become hysterical, it was just the sweet,
presence of God's spirit that spoke to my heart. That's what it's about.
That's what Paul and the apostles tried to get across over and over and over
again in the New Testament. Men get tripped up over doctrine, and when they do,
they completely miss God's plan for Salvation and life with him.

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